Summer 2014

Things have changed and almost a year ago now, we moved to Pensacola, Florida.  It is a place we have always loved, but as we considered the ministry here in the South East, it is also a great place to be located.  There are about 8 bases within 4 hours–the only thing we miss is a Marine Corps Base.  We have students in A schools, students in NFO and Pilot training, Special Forces, and those who carry on the every day grueling work of our Armed Services.  We live close to NAS Pensacola, but can easily get to Corry Station, Whiting Field, Hurlburt Field and Eglin and Tyndall AFB.  A little more of a drive can take us to Ft. Rucker and Maxwell AFB in Alabama or Ft Benning in Georgia.  

We love it here and are excited about the opportunities ahead.   If you find yourself on the Florida Panhandle, please get in touch!

September 2010

Right now Rick and I are living in Florida.  We live in the Tampa Bay area, which is a great place to begin a ministry in the southeast.   How we got here is a wonderful story of God’s care and provision.

I grew up in West Chester, Pennsylvania.  Next door lived Linda, who quickly became the best friend of my childhood.  We were next door neighbors until we both went to college and later got married.  We went to junior high and high school together,  became involved in Young Life at the same time, as a matter of fact, she took me to Campaigners (Bible study) the first week I attended.   We have been in touch to varying degrees over the years, but always in touch.

A little over a year ago, I was visiting Linda at her house near Tampa and she told me of her dream to enter the Peace Corps.   She confessed that the only thing holding her back, since her children would be married, was leaving her cats behind, but I assured her that no matter where Rick and I were, we would  be foster parents to her cats.

When Linda’s dream of going in to the Peace Corps started to look more real, Linda offered us her house to live in while she was gone.  Rick later was offered the opportunity to become the Southeast Regional Director for Military Ministries–which includes the states of FL, GA, AL, and MS and their approximately 25 bases, posts, and air fields.  Well, as God’s timing worked out, we actually had a week here to say good-bye before Linda left to serve in the Peace Corps in Macedonia and we began New Staff Training in Orlando.

So we received a house, three cats,  Jack, Ben and Jerry,  and most importantly, another assurance of God’s love and provision through the Body of Christ.  God is amazing, isn’t He?


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