A Quick Catch-Up!

As I look back at this blog, I realize that I’ve not been much of a blogger.  I haven’t written anything since March and I’m rather embarrassed.  We have been busy, but undocumented and for that I am sorry.  Sometimes I think I have to wait until I have something great to say or an amazing episode to report, but its in the details that we live and I regret not passing those along.

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So for a quick recap, here are some events of the past few months:


1. Mike and Steph will be having a baby NEXT month!  This dear one is a little girl and Emmah will be her name.  We are thrilled for them, they will be great parents, but we are mostly thrilled for ourselves.

Baby Emmah is coming!

Baby Emmah is coming!

2. We moved Kate to Chicago (Forest Park) to join the family and work with Tr*be. They all have other jobs, for now, so they are busy.  Plus they volunteer with Young Life in Oak Park River Forest!  We are glad they are together and of course we consistently wish they were together closer to us–but I probably shouldn’t go there continually.  We miss them like crazy.

Stephanie, me, Kate together in Illinois!

Stephanie, me, Kate together in Illinois!


1. In May I traveled to Virginia and Pennsylvania and Illinois.  Mike, Steph, Kate, and I attended the wedding of their cousin, Danielle in Columbia, Pennsylvania.  It was great fun to reunite with family and meet the next generation in person.  I visited dear friends in West Chester and enjoyed the time catching up with them too.  Then I drove with Kate to Chicago–I must say, I miss car rides with my kids, so I kind of wished she had been moving to California…or Florida.

May Route

May Route

2. Rick and I attended the Cru North American Staff Conference in Ft. Collins, Co in July.  Over 5,000 staff members from all the divisions of Cru gather every other year for encouragement, equipping, and worship.  We had MilMin Days, time as a team to focus on our goals and strategies to Win, Build, and Send within a military context.

Screen shot 2013-08-05 at 1.14.33 PM

The time of course was made better by reuniting with old friends and making new ones.  Kathy Cleveland, who went to high school and college in Ft. Collins joined us for the week–which made it like an “old home week” for us too! Butch and Sara Alligood, friends from Dover, shared their amazing home with us and told us the funniest stories about happy cows, lame geese, HOAs and 94 year old parents.  They both introduced us to NOOSA yoghurt-yogurt will never be the same.

Noosa! Noosa!

Noosa! Noosa!

Dear Friends with Rick in Ft.Collins

Dear Friends with Rick in Ft.Collins

3. We drove last week to Pensacola, Florida–and now we live here.  More on that soon!

NAS Pensacola Gate

NAS Pensacola Gate



About rickandjan

We are missionaries serving as the SE Region Director of Operations with Cru Military. Rick handles the operations and Jan tries to keep up with the communications.
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1 Response to A Quick Catch-Up!

  1. Cathy says:

    Thanks so much for sharing! I, too, wanted to wait until I had a “big revelation” to blog. Turns out, people really just wanted to hear about my day-to-day life. Although it’s “normal” for you, it doesn’t mean it’s normal for everyone else. Keep blogging! 🙂

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