A Weekend to Remember, even if your marriage is almost perfect…

Screen shot 2013-01-08 at 4.57.55 PMChristmas 2011 our  gift to our our newly-wedded son and his wife was a Family Life Weekend to Remember.  At that point Mike and Steph had been married for six months and it seemed like a good investment in their future.  So we picked an event close to where they lived and a date not too distant (so we didn’t forget) and we sent them off to a great hotel with a little extra money for date night and also for resources to help grow and strengthen their marriage.

They loved it all: the hotel room, the food, the location, getting away, eating out…oh–the speakers and the seminar too! The most memorable comment on the weekend was that it was great, but they sure were glad that they didn’t have the issues that some of those other people must have in their marriages!

Christmas in Chicago

Christmas in Chicago

A year later, Mike and Steph, still have a wonderful marriage that has been through a bit more of life.  They have moved to a new city, worked through some job loss and job hunts, adopted– another kitten– and they began working on a dream business with their siblings.  They work hard and they volunteer hard, with YL at Oak Park River Forest High School.  They’re still happy and in love and everything newly-weds should be! 🙂

Problems? No, not US!

Problems? No, not US!

I wonder if they’ve encountered any of those problems yet–like the rest of us old married people experience?  Well, at least we know they are equipped to deal and committed to a working at their marriage.  They enjoy each other and we enjoy them too!

If your marriage is slightly less perfect than Steph and Mike’s or if your kids or friends would benefit from a Weekend to Remember Get-away Weekend (and honestly, who wouldn’t?), follow this link:

<a href=”http://shop.familylife.com/events_1.aspx?categoryid=97&groupName=Hammestead”>Register for a Weekend To Remember</a>

and then choose your Get-Away location.  By registering with our group, you will get a great deal on a Weekend to Remember Marriage Getaway event in your area!  And–If you register for an event between NOW and JANUARY 27, you will receive a discounted registration price of $150 per couple (hotel costs are extra).  The event doesn’t have to be between those dates, just the registration (someone had to explain that to me a few times).
Check it out!

It is highly recommended by the two folks below!



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