Faith Deployed…Again

Over the course of our 30+ year marriage I have been the wife to “many” men. I married a Marine Corps pilot who was deployed twice on a Med cruises, once serving as a Peace-keeper
in Beruit,Lebanon and missing the birth of our first-born. Next, following seminary, he

Same Man--Lots of Years!

became a Navy Chaplain and he served with a destroyer squadron out of Charleston Naval Base –which is no longer a base– during Desert Storm.He was also a Navy Reserve Chaplain where he loved serving with Marines in the desert and on ships. He has also been a pastor close to Dover Air Force Base and worked he has with two organizations now that minister to our military members and their families: Officers’ Christian Fellowship and Military Ministry. Rick also worked as an analyst in suicide prevention for the Marine Corps, a short tour that yielded great knowledge, insight, and motivation to continue to serve our warriors.

We have long loved the US Military, with a special and understandable bias for the Naval services! Many of our longest lasting friendships are from our days on active duty and with these friends we have shared the joys and trials of life. I can’t imagine my life without the military wives I have known and loved; friends who needed me to share my faith and friends who became Jesus with skin on for me–over and over again.

A year ago while Rick and I were at Mid-career training with Campus Crusade (CRU) we met a Jason and Audrey Falck, who serve with Crusade in France. Jason told us his sister, Jocelyn Green, had been a military wife and she had written a book of devotions for military wives and moms called Faith Deployed . When I went home I looked up her book and found a Facebook page called Faith Deployed and I “joined.” Since then I have prayed for military wives and families who posted needs on this site, commented a few times on the wall, and checked out the website/ministry that has emerged as a by-product of this book. I also learned that it is among the Military Ministry resources for our families.

Jocelyn Green has now published a second book and I volunteered to read and review it. I am actually quoted in the book (not that it matters–page 51). There are 25 contributing authors of these devotions and they cover topics from Basic Training, Deployments, Blue Star Moms, and the ultimate sacrifice. I enjoyed reading them as I found “friends” like my own on the pages.

I can highly recommend Faith Deployed…Again to all those who serve or who love those who serve or who minister among those who serve. Devotionals written from the perspectives of spouses, parents, and professionals give incredible insight to the heart of God and where His heart meets our hearts! Each devotional contains wisdom that gives spiritual strength and renewal and hope to those who grow weary. I especially appreciate the honest voice of the struggle and the truth spoken again and again that God alone is our hope and our security and He alone brings us through each deployment, crisis, attack, or heartache.

If you find yourself in fellowship with military types, Faith Deployed…Againis a wonderful tool, not only to draw you closer to God, but to help you minister among military families. The hearts of military wives and moms and their joys and struggles are revealed in the pages of this devotional, giving insight to all who would come alongside them to strengthen and support these families who sacrifice so much on behalf of our nation.


About rickandjan

We are missionaries serving as the SE Region Director of Operations with Cru Military. Rick handles the operations and Jan tries to keep up with the communications.
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  1. Thanks so much for the review! I will have to share this with Jason and Audrey, too. It’s so neat how the Lord orchestrates our paths to cross in unexpected ways. May God bless you richly in your family and ministry to the military!

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