Kaitie Goes to Camp!

Rick and I would like to ask for your prayer for our daughter, Kaitie.She asked us to dedicate a blog to her so she will be covered in prayer! Tomorrow morning she leaves from Northern Virginia to go to Glen Spey, New York–Young Life’s Lake Champion. She will be spending the next 4 weeks working on SummerStaff, serving kids and living in community with a wonderful body of believers. If YL camp, as a camper, is the best week of your life, imagine how great YL camp, as a worker for a month will be!

Over the past year, Kaite has grown in the conviction that Young Life is God’s call on her life and it is her heart’s desire to some day work for this ministry full time. She has been volunteering as leader (with Erick, Amber, Mike, and Steph) in Western Prince William Young Life/Wyld Life since last September and this summer she gets to do Summer Staff (college age students volunteering their month to serve). In the fall, she will begin part time work with Young Life as Student Staff, she will help Ryan Weston, the staff associate, with administrative work, as well as dedicating more of her time to contact work with high school and middle school kids. She is so excited!

Ryan told me that when he shows up at a school the kids ask, “Where is Kaitie? Is Kaitie coming?” This is such an amazing answer to prayer and fulfills every vision for this child of mine. Since she was small, Kaitie has been the epitome of a “people person” — much like herKate at North Bay, WL camp! dad, but sweeter! Her relationships have always been the most important part of her life, whether it was school, soccer, or church. We used to joke that she was never late for school because there were PEOPLE there! 🙂 Sometimes God uses us inspite of ourselves, but this is a clear case of God using Kaitie because of the way He made her!

She has asked for prayer for endurance; the summer staff will work long hours. She also would like to make good friends that are fun! Kaitie says, “I especially want prayer for my relationship with Jesus. I want to fall more in love with Him than ever.” Her parents would ask you to pray for safety on her travels and while she works the ropes course, “cautious” has never been an adjective I’d use to describe her personality. Probably the biggest prayer request is that she would happily survive without Wifi or her cell phone for a whole month! 😀

We are proud of Kaitie and we are grateful for your prayers! We’ll keep you posted on how it goes–if we hear anything! God Bless You!


About rickandjan

We are missionaries serving as the SE Region Director of Operations with Cru Military. Rick handles the operations and Jan tries to keep up with the communications.
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