A Wonderful Trip

David Aspden (Middle South Regional Director) and Rick at the Senior Leadership Symposium in Columbia, SC

Thanks for your prayers.  The time we spend at the symposium gave us a chance to show the senior chaplains the resources Military Ministry offers.  The more faith-based preparations and solutions are placed in the hands of sailors and Marines, the greater the opportunity for our men and women to have victory over the internal damages war inflicts.  Now we pray that the senior chaplains will recommend the materials to the chaplains who are fighting in the foxholes and on the home front.

The next day we visited the new Joint Services Chaplain School on Ft. Jackson–“the

The Navy Chaplaincy School and Center

nation’s first joint military school for tending warriors’ souls.”  It is an amazing facility and although it doesn’t have the ambiance of Newport (nothing does, right?) its a great place for training chaplains.  Chaplain Langtson, CO of the Navy Chaplaincy School and Chaplain Crouterfield, head of instruction, who welcomed us, were already  involved with Military Ministry! They looked forward to giving us future opportunity to show the new chaplains the resources MilMin has to enhance their own effectiveness, for the glory of God.

Chaplain Langston

We hope to go back in March so that Rick can share with the new graduates from the perspective of someone who is familiar with both the Navy, the Marine Corps, the Navy Chaplain Corps and Military Ministry.

We left Columbia and drove to Marietta, GA.  We stayed at the home of Bob and Debbie Louder, close friends from school and church in our Georgia Family Council days (’93-’96).  While we were there we visited with old friends and enjoyed fellowship and catching up!  Rick stopped by East Cobb Christian School and reminded them that we still think its the best school ever!  We also had some great meals, good laughs, and we shared wonderful memories.  Its nice to know that our lives are woven together, even though time and miles have separated us.

Rick was also invited to share our call and vision to Military Ministry with a number of Bible studies in the Atlanta area.  The response to the needs of our service members was overwhelming and we are prayerfully looking forward to adding members to our Ministry Partner Team.  We can’t wait to get this show on the road!


About rickandjan

We are missionaries serving as the SE Region Director of Operations with Cru Military. Rick handles the operations and Jan tries to keep up with the communications.
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2 Responses to A Wonderful Trip

  1. Valerie Norling says:

    Chaplain Langston looks so familiar! Is he based in SC? I went to the Chaplain’s graduation of my bro-in-law in Nov. of 2009 in Columbia. Could or would he have been there?

    • rickandjan says:

      Yes, Chaplain Langston is the Commanding Officer of the Navy Chaplain School and Center at Ft. Jackson. We found out while we were there that Rick and he were at TBS (Marine Officer Training) at the same time back in the 70s! 🙂 He became an infantry officer, Rick became a pilot! The Navy is a small world, the Marine Corps even smaller!

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