You’ve got a friend!

A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity. Proverbs 17:17

There are so many wonderful things going on on this side of the new door.  We get to see God’s provision, His handiwork in the new flora and fauna, and we get to experience this ministry as a team.  In spite of my last post making fun of my days, I am so thrilled to be the written communication link of this calling!  I love to write and play with words.  After all, writing is like talking, but no one has the opportunity go interrupt !  I have even found a new appreciation for snail mail.  I like my handwriting. 😀  But all of these blessings pale in comparison to the joy of reconnecting with dear friends!

Over the years of our marriage we have lived in 15 homes in 9 states.  God has given us wonderful opportunities to meet and share our lives with amazing people.  But except for catching up via Facebook, we have done a poor job of staying in touch.  I confess that I love Christmas letters, but I stopped writing them for no apparent reason.  I had lots of excuses, one excuse following another: the baby, the kids, moving, school, work, soccer, teaching…

Well, now with the impetus of  Ministry Partner Development, we are finding old friends.  Its a little complicated, but so much easier than going through an address book!

First Rick downloaded his files from his phone into this program called TNT–and I have no idea what that stands for.  ‘Mr. Gregarious’ had over 1300 contacts from over the years and after he put them in the system he had to go through them and find the real people (not the pizza joint or chinese take-out numbers).  Then he sorted through those left (about 500) and found names from duty stations, seminary, ministries, churches, and sports teams that belong to people we consider friends.   He still has a lot of names, many I don’t recognize, but all people who have touched our lives over our 31 years of marriage!

Well, if you know Rick, you know that he started calling some of those numbers!  It has been such a joy to reconnect!  One of the biggest thrills so far went around the globe to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emerites.  It seems that if you start reconnecting, the links are almost limitless: Scott and Sylvia are still in touch with Lynn who stayed in touch with Kim, who is flying in Abu Dhabi.  Emails and addresses were exchanged and this morning a letter arrived that began, “Hello Old Friend…”

It brings tears to our eyes and joy to our hearts to hear those words.  This may be hard for anyone to imagine, but I tend to think that people are too busy to reconnect.  I am always making excuses for why I shouldn’t ask a high school friend to be my Facebook friend or listing reasons we shouldn’t try to stop in and visit someone on our way through town.  Over the years, I have stopped my impulsive husband way too often and now we know that we can only count it as our loss.

Maybe we are all overwhelmed with the pace of our lives and we could use the gift of old connections–its a bit like going home.  We’ve now concluded that this is a bit like heaven…

Rick, Ross, and Dave 1979


RickandDave 2008

About rickandjan

We are missionaries serving as the SE Region Director of Operations with Cru Military. Rick handles the operations and Jan tries to keep up with the communications.
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