Life in Florida

Okay, the last post was the story behind this “New Thing” that God is doing in our lives.  Now comes how it works out our every day life!

First, we left Northern Virginia and we moved to Tampa, Florida.  I’ve already explained how God took care of us through the housing situation (see Placement in our tabs if you don’t know ) and that soon this position will take us to bases and posts all over  the Southeast.  For us, moving to Florida meant that we left 3 children and their significant others, as well as an awesome church home and an amazing life group behind.

We live in Tampa where we know almost no one.  Linda was kind enough to introduce us to some of her friends,who are wonderful, but who have busy, productive, important lives.  I can count on one hand the number of people  I’ve talked to since we left New Staff Training 2 weeks ago.   Well, maybe two hands if you count strangers in the vets office, ushers at church and servers in restaurants.

So, here’ s the schedule of the missionary, who isn’t on the field yet:

1. Wake up early to take a walk.

2. Go back to sleep–I’ve got all day to walk.

3. Wake up early for quiet time–try to go back to sleep, but the dogs have needs too, so get up and let the dogs out.

4. Feed cats.

5. Begin time of devotions–I like to use a–its excellent!

6.It crosses my  mind that someone may have written me over the night, so check gmail account.  Facebook needs to be checked also, my kids might have made a comment on my clever, sensitive, or humorous status.  I don’t use AOL so much anymore, but I may as well check that while I’m at it. And Yahoo.

7. Return to, finish daily devotion with devotion.

8. Get out materials for the New Testament Survey class I am taking through IBS.  Notice box of pictures on the counter. Remember there are picture I wanted to hang in the hall way.  Hang pictures.

9. Begin reading assignment for New Testament Survey.  Get up to find the highlighter in the living room.  See Max with his ball looking sad.  Take Max oustside to play ball.

10. Finish reading assignment and continue on to the the podcast for the class.  Remember that I haven’t taken any pictures at the new house because I don’t have a camera, but the Photo Booth works, so take pictures of myself using Photo Booth.  No wonder the kids like this so much.

11. Complete podcast and check off completed activities. Record hours spent on studies.

12. LUNCH!

Okay, this isn’t quite how every day goes, but you can imagine that we depend on God for focus and energy and focus.  Especially me–I allow myself to be distracted easily and I so want to be fully His and used by him. I cannot begin to tell you how much your prayers in this are would be appreciated!  But you get the idea, right?

I went to the vet today for Jack’s shot and while I sat there a man sat down across from me with his cute little white dog and we struck up a conversation.  It turned out that he had served in the Navy, was from New Jersey, had just had a quadruple by-pass, and was starting to like living in Florida, after four years of discontent.  It occurred to me that he might need Jesus and then the vet called me to an examination room and I didn’t get to continue our conversation.

Everywhere I see people who need to hear about Christ and I am so thankful for the teaching we received at MAG (Manassas Assembly of God) and through our training with Campus Crusade.  I AM a MISSIONARY, but I was a missionary before we were called to walk through this new door.  I can barely wait until we have a chance to reach out to the young men and women who might soon find themselves in harms way.


About rickandjan

We are missionaries serving as the SE Region Director of Operations with Cru Military. Rick handles the operations and Jan tries to keep up with the communications.
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